About Lisa

Hello, I’m Lisa Hegrat. Moving away from the standard, polished narratives typically found in bios, I choose to share a more authentic reflection of my journey. My path to becoming a lash artist unfolded amidst life’s complexities – facing the demands of a conventional career, adjusting to a new home, and embracing the challenges of being a single mom.

For me, lash artistry is more than a profession; it’s a passion that restored my independence and enabled me to support my son. My commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics – I focus on sustainable and customizable lashing techniques that prioritize the natural health of the lashes. A significant part of my mission is to empower other “badass” women to enter the rewarding field of lash artistry. I am passionate about mentoring aspiring lash artists, sharing knowledge, and providing the support they need to succeed in the lash industry.

🤎 10x Certified Lash Artist
🧡 Licensed Esthetician, Lash Technician, and Lash Coach
🤍 A single mom first and foremost, proudly raising an amazing son
🤎 A fitness enthusiast and coffee aficionado
🧡 Driven by a mission to inspire and uplift women in every sphere of life, especially in embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys in the beauty industry.